In all sectors in which Industrias Ochoa works, the relationship of trust with customers is a key factor in success.

Industrias Ochoa focuses its policy on getting the customer throughout the life of his product to feel that the required quality standards are always met, from engineering to the development of the matrix and to the manufactured part.

The quality policy of Industrias Ochoa is one of the pillars on which our production and itsorganitation is based, through procedures and systems are aimed at the continuous improvement of our organization.

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Our values

Industrias Ochoa will always achieve its objective, and although the computerization of our systems makes us work more comfortably, our effort to improve will never disappear.

Our clients will always have the assurance that we will accompany them in all the steps they have to implement to achieve the highest quality standards

The base of the engineering is to be able to adapt to the needs of each client, from Industrias Ochoa the flexibility to the demands of our clients is one of our priorities.


From the R&D team that is located in the Ribarroja plant, ideas flow to the design and engineering teams, so that any improvement that can be discovered can be applied to ongoing projects.

We were pioneers in the development of CAD / CAM tools applied to tooling and we continue to be spearheading with the implementation of INDUSTRY 4.0 and our process integration method.